Table of Contents

Lifestyle Steps Home Page: (click here)

Part 1-Welcome: (click here)

3 Questions: Why this matters

Happiness and Health: Inspiring video introductions to great lifestyle resources

Lifestyle Steps Orientation: For an quick introduction to Lifestyle Steps

About Lifestyle Steps: The Lifestyle Steps story

Part 2-Know the Facts: (click here)

The Healthiest Lifestyle: Understanding the right lifestyle steps to take

The Healthiest Diet: How to determine what the healthiest diet might be

Diets to Avoid: Which diets may cause more harm than good

Lifestyle Diseases: Explore how our health is related to our lifestyle

Alzheimer’s Disease: Supporting brain health with lifestyle and beyond.

Boosting Your Immune System: Be prepared for cold and flu season

Lifestyle Steps Overview: A big picture view of the healthiest lifestyle

Part 3-Make a Change: (click here)

Lifestyle Steps Examples: A collection of possible lifestyle actions

Lifestyle Steps in Action:  To decide where to start, first ask why

Lifestyle Steps Planner Tools: To help decide what specific steps to take

Part 4-Resources: (click here)

The Plant-Based Diet Booklet from Kaiser Permanente

The Alzheimer’s Solution by Dean and Ayesha Sherzai, MDs

How Not to Die and How Not to Diet by Dr Michael Greger, MD

How Not to Die Cookbook by Dr Michael Greger, MD

Various books by Dr Joel Fuhrman, MD

The Blue Zones and The Blue Zones of Happiness Books

Forks Over Knives Documentary

What the Health Documentary

The Game Changers Documentary and also an informative website

RECODE Program by Dr Dale Bredesen to reverse memory loss and dementia

(Complete List of Resources)

Part 5-More Thoughts: (click here)

Lifestyle Questions (FAQs): Some common lifestyle questions

Lifestyle Medicine: So what is Lifestyle Medicine?

Healthy-Easy-Tasty: A few recipes that I enjoy


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