We all desire to have a full and healthy life. And yet it is so easy to become confused about lifestyle issues. Especially when it comes to diet, there seems to be quite a bit of controversy. Why is the path to health full of so much mystery?

I think there are three main reasons why we may find ourselves with serious health concerns:

  • Incorrect information guiding our behavior
  • Inability or lack of motivation to act
  • Focus on quick fixes that feel good and avoid stress

So what can we do to improve our lifestyle?

I believe the best way forward is to focus on three simple things:

  • Knowledge (truth, understanding, wisdom)
  • Action (freedom, encouragement, ability)
  • Compassion (love, sharing, justice)

My hope is that with these guiding principles, we will realize our goals for full and healthy lives, and that each day will be better because we traveled the road together.


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