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Here are the resources that I recommend the most:


The Plant-Based Diet booklet from Kaiser Permanente provides a great introduction to the benefits and basics of a plant-based diet.

If you are curious about a whole-food, plant-based diet (WFPB), the Whole-Foods Plant Based Diet Guide from T. Colin Campbell’s Center for Nutritional Studies and the free Plant-Based Health Mini Course are here to help you get started.

Websites: This website has thousands of free, evidence based videos about the science behind healthy and not so healthy lifestyle choices. All thanks to Dr Michael Greger, MD and his team. Plant-Based Life, led by Dr. Rosane Oliveira, educates people to live happier and healthier lives through positive habit change that includes the adoption of a plant-centered diet and the development of daily wellness practices. This website has many free videos on lifestyle as the foundation for better health thanks to Dr Marc Braman . This website provides recipes and articles on a whole foods plant based diet. Also the documentary Forks Over Knives can be accessed here. This website, inspired by the world’s longest-lived cultures, strives to help people live longer, better lives by improving their environment. The Greater Good in Action website has instructions for dozens of practices to develop mindfulness, gratitude, forgiveness, self-compassion and more. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life helps families raise healthy, safe, resilient kids. The American College of Lifestyle Medicine website provides general information and helps to find a lifestyle medicine provider in your area.


The Alzheimer’s Solution and The 30 Day Alzheimer’s Solution by Dean and Ayesha Sherzai are excellent guides to lifestyle changes that greatly reduce our risk for Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia. They show how we can make changes proven to slow or sometimes even improve the symptoms of cognitive decline. Since what is good for the brain is good for the rest of our body, it is a great resource for an overall healthy lifestyle.

How Not to Die , How Not to Diet, How Not to Die Cookbook, and the How Not to Diet Cookbook by Dr Michael Greger, MD are a great addition to any healthy lifestyle library. All the profits from sales go to support the website.

Various books by Dr Joel Fuhrman, MD provide a good summary of how lifestyle, especially excellent nutrition, can be useful in treating and reversing many of our chronic diseases.

The Blue Zones and The Blue Zones of Happiness by Dan Buettner explore the secrets of the longest living and happiest cultures in the world.

The Engine 2 Diet by Rip Esselstyn tells the story of how he created The Engine 2 Diet plan to help some of his fellow Engine 2 firefighters who were in dire physical condition. By following Rip’s program, everyone lost weight (some more than 20 pounds), lowered their cholesterol (the biggest drop was 344 to 196), and improved their overall health.


Forks Over Knives has helped millions of people to discover how a healthy lifestyle can treat many common medical conditions. It follows everyday people as they learn to use a whole-food, plant-based diet to improve their health and reverse the underlying causes of their medical conditions.

What the Health tells a fascinating story surrounding the importance of Plant Based Diets and why the nation’s leading health organizations don’t seem to want people to know about it.

The Game Changers explores how a plant based diet can be part of the quest for ultimate athletic performance. The Game Changers Website is also an excellent resource.

Short Videos: Here are a few thought provoking YouTube videos:

Make Health Last

Rewind the Future

Time Travel Dietitian

Brain Health: (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) The RECODE program developed by Dr Dale Bredesen to reverse Alzheimer’s Dementia has a significant lifestyle component as well as extensive testing and treatments to shift the balance to nerve protection rather than nerve degeneration. There is a brief video that can be watched, and his book, The End of Alzheimer’s, is quite informative.

The Ending Parkinson’s Disease book co-authored by four leading experts in neurology provides an action plan to prevent, care for, and treat Parkinson’s disease. The Long Road to Hope is a documentary based on this book.

League of Denial is a special two-hour FRONTLINE investigation that reveals the early story of the NFL and brain injuries that eventually lead to the NFL acknowledging a link between playing football and the degenerative brain disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Here is a related article on the potential Risks for Brain from Youth Football.

Chronic Pain:

Oregon Pain Guidance Patient Education Toolkit is a collection of videos and handouts that provide pain management education which is largely lifestyle focused about how to improve health and better manage pain.

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