Lifestyle Diseases

Our most common and difficult to treat diseases, which are responsible for the majority of deaths and disability in our country, are strongly related to our lifestyle. The good news is that the choices we make related to such things as what we eat, how physically active we are, how must stress we experience, how well we sleep, and how we keep engaged in meaningful activity, can help us enjoy longer and more productive lives.

In Dr Michael Greger’s video, “How Not to Die,” he discusses the science of how diet can prevent, arrest and even reverse our top 15 killers. This is well worth watching when you have some time. (1 hr 22 min)

You can also click on the links below to learn more about how our lifestyle affects specific health conditions:


Bowel Diseases


Cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) Disease

Dermatologic (skin)

High Blood Sugar (glucose)

High Cholesterol  

Hypertension (high blood pressure) (general information)

Kidney (renal) Disease

Low Testosterone: (causes 1 (animal protein), causes 2 (toxin/fish), causes 3 (obesity), raising levels (vegans))

Men’s Health



Overweight, Obesity

Pulmonary (lung) Disease


Women’s’ Health

For some specific thoughts about Alzheimer’s Disease, go to the next page.


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Print the Lifestyle Questions page to help explore your lifestyle behaviors and other health risks.


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